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Debbie :

  I don't think there are words powerful enough to express my appreciation for your bringing my baby, Achilles, into my life. He is such a friendly, loving, and playful puppy and I couldn't have asked for a better companion. He adjusted so quickly to his new home and he has already become so close to my boyfriend and me. We adore him –“ he brings so much happiness to us every day!


My favorite things are when he gives me kisses, cuddles with me, and when I rub his tummy while he lays on his back. He likes to play with his rope toys and chew his pig skin bone. He is slowly getting more comfortable with car rides and housetraining is coming along nicely as well - heâs such smart boy and is already looking for the training pad when it's time to go potty!


My parents couldn't help but fall in love with him too. They're always asking how their grandson is doing. I can't tell you how many people have come up to me doting on him and saying how cute/precious my baby is.

  I also have to thank you for the general professionalism you demonstrated throughout the whole process. Your advice and consistent communication with me before he was shipped was invaluable. I felt so prepared for my new puppy because of your thoughtful and informative guidance. The package and crate Achilles came with was phenomenal, so organized and comprehensive.

  Achilles new veterinarian was very impressed with your paperwork and confirmed how lucky I was to have found the Cuddles and Snuggles kennel. He's had two vet appointments so far and both went well. The doctor was pleased with his growth rate and his general physical wellness.

  I truly love him more each day. I can't imagine him not being part of my family – it's like it was meant to bee.. I have you to thank for that from the bottom of my heart. I will send you pictures very soon!


Best regards,





Hi Debbie and Dan,
Just wanted to let you know I decided to name my sweet little (yorkie) guy "Chester" instead of Baxter.  He already comes to his name.  He is such a joy and is already a mama's baby!  He has had a clean bill of health from the vet and now weighs 3.6#.  He comes to the office with me every day.  I put his crate under my desk and he goes in by himself and takes his naps.  In the evening I have to put his crate up high so he can see me in bed.  As long as he can see me he does not make a peep.  He is developing such a character in just one week.  Each day he feels more comfortable with his surroundings and exploring.  He is such a lover.  He likes to snuggle and give kisses.  He brings me such love and joy after tragically losing my beloved Murphy. 
I want to thank you so much for all your time over the phone, at your home and kennel. My husband and I were so impressed with your kennel and how you care for the dogs and all the puppies.  We were also impressed with how clean the kennel was.  Chester has been a very sociable and confident puppy from the very moment we brought him home.  He has never showed any signs of being timid.  I'm absolutely positive this is because of the daily love, affection and socialization you and your family provide the puppies.  I'm so thankful to have found you and Chester through my online research.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to any one.  My vet was also impressed with your record keeping and the protocol you use on the puppies.  She asked for your name as well so she could refer inquiring customers looking for a good breeder. 
I will keep you updated on Chester's progress and will send some pictures.  Many blessings to you and your family.  Please feel free to post this letter on your website.
Laurie   6/12/2008


Dan & Debbie,
Maverick and Tori had their Vet check today 3/24, and they both received a clean bill of health. The Vet was even quite smitten by the two of them. He said he could understand why we came home with a second one.
Both Maverick & Tori have really warmed up to the kids. Their transition to Fulton, IL has gone smoothly. We are even having success in the house breaking department.
Tori is a new energized puppy after our little scare with her Friday.
Thank you for making yourself available with that situation. We really appreciate your expertise and insight.
Thanks again for everything.
Craig & Brenda

Hi there Debbie.. Ziggy did real good his first night here.. no whinning or anything. He is just now starting to explore the house. We had to put the cat out for a bit in order for him to get off the couch. The cat was pregnant, and kept antagonizing him.   Anyway, I took a cute pic of him and thought I'd share it with you.
I'll keep you posted every so often with new photos...
We are all so happy we picked Ziggy.. He completes our family! thanks

Hi Deb,
This is Marla sending you a pic of Mocha after getting his first haircut. Vet says he is a very healthy boy, he will also be getting fixed 23 of Feb. Mocha gives my girls a run for their money. Sometimes he acts like a little devil boy, should of named him TAZ!!! We love him dearly and enjoy him tons, thank you for him!!!! 

Hi Dan!
We just wanted to let you know that Gus is doing great!  He loved his first Christmas and his 1st birthday this month. Cole our son made him a party hat to wear.  Just thought we would share this joyous day with you.
Seth, Hannah, Cole, and Gus
P.S. Gus visited my classroom this year as well and the kids adored him! He is very loved by everyone!!


HI Debbie,
I have been meaning to send you an e-mail, but I unfortunately I have been very ill for the last two weeks. Peppermint has been really great about keeping me company even if her favorite part about it is to tear my used tissues into a million pieces while I lie there helpless to stop her. She is completely house trained and can already sit, lay down, shake, dance, and come to her name thanks to these great little, heart shaped, low-fat, bacon flavored treats Dana found for her that she just goes bananas over. We are now working on "relax", which is the first stage of roll over.  Her vet is very impressed with her progress as well.  Peppermint already weighs 4.6 lbs, she is growing so fast. She is scheduled to go to the vet next month to be spayed, chipped, and have her last distemper shot.  We are very happy, she is sleeping on my feet as I type this letter.  I could not be more pleased with her.  Thank you so much for bringing this joy into my life. I am sending a few pics, I hope you enjoy them.--Vada 

Hi! Debbie Thanks for your advice. Coco did much better today. We couldn't get her to go on the pad. She would run off it and pee on the carpet. So I laid the pad on the carpet and she went on the pad. We have extra carpet in the garage so we cut a piece the size of the pad and put the pad on top. She will go on the pad when it is on the piece of carpet. I can tell that she was around kids because Coco was extremely excited to see my four year old niece today. 
Thanks again,

Hi Debbie

Molly is a big joy in my life.  She is housebroken and and a little mischievious.  She loves belts,(chewed up 2 so far....my fault for leaving them lay where she can get them)  I get compliments on her all the time.  I got her spayed about a month ago, and fenced in my backyard for her a place to run.  I'll send more later...Mike 

Hi Daniel and Debbie!

              This is Jennifer, I came with Nicole.  I wanted to give you an update on my baby girl :)  Her name is Mandy, and the history on that name is my mom wanted to name me Amanda, and then she would have a Brandie(my sister's name) and a Mandy, but my dad's mom was a bit racist, and for whatever reason, I have no idea why, but she thought that Amanda was a black girls' name so she couldn't name me that n I was ecstatic to use it considering I just have boys, and two step daughters that I obviously didn't have a choice in, so that's that.  Well, she doing very well, except for the fact that I can't get her to eat much yet.  Of course she always wants to eat Mickey's(my Sharpei) food but he's an adult and I haven't switched his food back to Science Diet, so I really don't want her eating that food.  I've tried feeding her by hand, and she will a little bit n that's it.  Lily eats all the time and will even go through almost a bowl at least in a day, and I know she's not eating that much.  She still ways 4lbs.  Maybe it's because we did a lot of running around with her at first, n just busy, she of course follows everyone around, so she hasn't even really slept a whole lot during the day for that reason as well, I think, but she's doing good.  She's real active and playful, which is just adorable, even my husband, Brian adores her, I knew he would! :)  She sleeps with me every single night!  It's so cute, she lays on my pillow towards the top, where my headboard is and it works out perfect, I have enough room for my head too!!!  She still has accidents once in awhile, but that's just part of the process.  We just finally downloaded the pics from my camera, so now I can get picture crazy with her.  So, as soon as I get some, I'll send them to you, if I can figure out how to do that!  Well, thank you so much for my small miracle, and we will keep in touch!!! :)
                                                                                                       Loving Bichon Owner, Jennifer(Jenn)

hi debbie heres a current photo of sammi our Pap-tese. my hubby can hardly stand
him ha ha. well i was in petsmart and five people wanted to know where
to get one so i gave them your email address. hes a sweetie. signed

We are sending a couple of pictures of Isy. She is doing great!!  She has gained almost 3 ounces. She is very active, we call her Isy busy or wild child. She makes us laugh a lot.
Every day our other dog Pepper is warming up to her. Since he is older, sometimes Isy's energy can drive him nuts and he needs to go hide somewhere for a while. He let's her crawl all over him, but isn't too happy when she pulls his hair or bites his ears.
We really feel like this match was meant to be and we are very proud parents!!!  Thanks again for what you do to make this possible!
Take Care!
Vicky and Van


As soon as we purchased this cute little girl, I knew I had to name her

Zoey.  She has been such a joy in our home and is just the most playful

and funny little puppy.  Here are some pictures that I took of her the

other day playing.  Thank you all so much for this wonderful little


Hey Debbie,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that my little girl has brought me more happiness than I could have ever imagned!!!!  I love her so much...my daughter loves her too!  We really needed Roxy in our lives right now.  
She did wonderful in Las Vegas when we picked her up...fantastic in Arizona...and amazing at home with the other pets and kids.  I will send you some pictures when I get on my home computer.  
She had her first hair cut, they gave me a locket of her hair so that I can scrapbook it.  Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!!!! 


We just love our little Graceland. Our chihuahua, Elvis loves her also. They’ve been best buds since I brought her into the house. Not once has there been any trouble between the two of them. Graceland follows Elvis around and mimics everything he does. She even rests her head on his back in the afternoon when they soak up the sun.

Hi Dan And Debbie

I just wanted to drop you a line to say hello, and to tell you how happy we are with Gus!   We were sad that neither of you could be there for the trad off, but we were rather impressed with your facilities.  On the five hour trip home, Gus only cried...not even cried more of a slight whimper...for five minuets.  He had a great trip home, no accidents at all.  Once we got him home, he explored for a little while, then it was outside for our first potty trip.  He has been eating well, and weighed in at 2.5 pounds on his first visit to the vet.  He has warmed up to our house and is quite content hanging out in his house (crate).  He sleeps through the night in his house and we don't hear a peep from him.  We were all ready for the baby experience and taking shifts through the night, but we haven't had to do that once.  He loves all three of us, but seems to gravitate to me a bit more because I am home more in the afternoon than Hannah or Cole.  Gus doesn't bark when people come in or ring the door bell either, a welcome relief because we seem to have visitors daily.  He is the hit of the neighborhood!  Everyone stops in to see him and are just amazed at his calm demeanor.  Hannah is a first grade teacher and had been posting your weekly pictures for her class to see.  So after the the first week home, Gus and I visited Cole's kindergarten class and Hannah's room as well.  He warmed right up to all of the excited children and seemed to be quite proud knowing he was the center of attention.  You can visit Hannah's website to see how he's grown.  To do so, visit www.vg302.org then click on EC-6 Classrooms, then Ms. Gibson 1st Grade, then the Meeting Gus heading. 

I know this has been a bit long winded, but to sum it all up Gus has by far exceeded all of our expectations!  He has been a wonderful addition to our family and he is just a bundle of love.  We can't thank you enough for everything you have done!  We just wanted to let you know that you did a wonderful job of raising Gus before he came to our home.  And we have made sure to tell everyone just where he came from.  I know that you had told us that a dog's character will show once you get him home, but everything you had told us was right on.  You sure know your stuff!
Thank you once again,
Seth, Hannah, Cole and Gus

Dear  Dan and Debbie,
    My husband and I want to thank you for all that you have done in giving
us the joy of having a new puppy.  I was very anxious at first of getting a
puppy because I have always considered myself a "cat " person.  But after
talking to you, my fears were put to rest.
     Once my husband and I decided to purchase a puppy, we chose your
kennels because of your good reputation and your love of dogs.
     When we came out for a visit to see the puppy we had seen online, which
is now our Mendi, you and Dan were very helpful. Dan even took us out to
meet Mendi's mom and dad. We were impressed with how clean and bright the
kennels were kept. There was no "messes" in the kennels and every dog was
friendly and happy to see us.  Another thing that impressed me was that Dan
knew all the dogs and called them by name.
     After we have gotten Mendi, I had some questions and concerns and
called you or came out to see you and you have been there for me. I want to
thank you for helping me get adjusted to being a "mom" to my precious Mendi.
I can now say that I am no longer a "cat" person but also a "dog" person.
     You also keep your dogs and puppies in very good health. After we got
Mendi we took her to the vet for her first check up and she was very
impressed in how well she was taken care of with her shots and her physical
     Because of your kindness, your love for dogs, and your willingness to
give of yourself, I will  highly recommend anyone who is looking for a good,
healthy and happy puppy to give you a call or to email you.
     Once again, thank you and God bless,
                                                           Terri (3/24/2006)

  We took Ellie  to the Vet yesterday, all went well. He said she is healthy & thought she was  a beauty .(we already knew that !) She is adjusting just fine,she seems right at home. She has been getting so much attention all day from everyone that she is already getting spoiled .We really love her , thanks again and i will keep you updated with photos.

Dear Debbie and Dan:
My family and I want to take a moment to thank you for our beautiful and I must say "quite spoiled" Ella Bella. 
After doing a lot of searching and finding your website we decided on a Yorkie.  Upon contacting and speaking to you and Dan we just sat and waited in anticipation for her arrival.  We so enjoyed all the updates and all the wonderful pictures you sent to us while we waited for a visitation.  And when we did visit Ella, you were very professional and courteous.
Now that we have our sweetie here with us, we have found her to have a wonderful temperament, she is healthy and a package of playfulness.
We have highly recommended you to all our friends and to anyone who has been looking for an animal addition to their families.  It is very rare to come across such wonderful and loving breeders.  You have made our experience so much better. 
Anyone that visits the website can rest assure that you will not find two finer individuals in this business. 
Lew, Debbie, Brittany & Steven(4/9/2006)

Hi,.  I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that
our little girl is doing great.  We've named her  "Cricket" (the way she
jumps around the yard when she's excited is so comical!).  She is fitting in
great with the family and is just as happy and loving as she can be.  Her
first visit to our vet went very well.  She is a very healthy little girl. 

I just want to thank you again for all of your help getting her to us so
safely.  You can tell she had a great environment with you because her
personality is so happy and full of love. 

I'll send you emails and pictures if you'd like occasionally so that you can
see how she's doing. 

Also, please let me know if you have any upcoming litters.  I may be
interested in another female pup to keep her company.  Our other dog, while
just as sweet as she can be with her, isn't much for playing with a pup and
I want Cricket to have good to be able to play with other dogs.  Just let me
know when you get a chance.

Thanks again for everything.


I Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the quality of Abbagail.....Her coat is so shiny and sleek.  She is so socialable and loveable and I am so delighted to have her.  We had lots of visitors yesterday afternoon and she was the hit and my friends called her a beauty girl.........She seems so smart and learns very fast.  I just have to say that I am so very glad that I found you and I really believe that I was led to you........I am telling friends and family about your kennel and the quality of my little one.    Thank you so much for all you have done and I most certainly will keep in touch and send pictures.....She already has had a dozen pictures taken so far.......thanks again,  Sharon (4-21-2006)

I wanted to tell you that I took Abbagail to the vet today and she is one healthy little girl.  She will continue to have her next shots on May 11th.  Everyone loves in love with her and she loves everyone and that is so good.  But I really have to watch her or I will loose her.......ha   ha......she is really doing good and we are enjoying each other so much.    I am trying to potty train her at the moment and for the most part she is catching on, but we still have accidents but that is to be expected.   She is really a great little girl.......Thank you so much,     Sharon(4/26/2006)
Thought you might enjoy seeing how our girls are growing.  We adopted two of your papillion/spaniel mix dogs in February (both are black and white).  When you look at the attached picture, my girl (Chloe) is on the left and Terri's dog (Belle) is on the right.  If you remember, my girl had a white stripe along the bottom of her left ear. 
Both girls are beginning to show very different markings.  Mine is more stocky and has the Pap tail and longer hair, while Terri's is slender in build with short, coarse hair.  Mine also has developed MANY black spots throughout her entire body.
Both families are enjoying our additions immensely.  Thanks again for bringing them into our lives.  If you would like, I will send you pictures again at 1 year.
Tamara (4/29/2006)

An update on my little girl.    She is doing great and we are bonding so well together.  She is very active and we are in the process of poddy training even though we have accidents yet......She is so loveable and gets alot of attention which she loves.  I just love her so much.  I am sending a picture of her looking into the mirror at herself and she will bark at herself which is hysterical.......Thank you      Sharon(5/4/2006)


 I don’t think that I have ever spoken with you… my name is Amy Jorgensen, my best friend Tiffany Groff and I got 2 little maltese boys from you last may. She named hers Baxter, and mine is Napoleon. I just wanted to send you a picture for your site of Napoleon for the whole world to see how handsome he is J He is the light of my life, and I can’t even remember what my life was without him in it- nor do I want to! He is doing really well, although I do not have any other pets for him to associate with- he does have play dates with Baxter and Beezli as much as possible. And of course they fight and play just like the brothers and sister that they are! AMY (5/5/2006)

Today we celebrate our 4 weeks since our sweet Maddie came to our life. I thought I would update you on how she is doing.
We couldn't have dreamt of a sweeter, most loving fun puppy. She is simply adorable. We are all so much in love with her. The first day she arrived we feared she would cry and be sad. She entered the house as if it had always been her home.
She definitively adopted me but she greed my husband and my kids with the most loving way and each morning when I drop the kids at school she cries. Every one knows her at school. Kids that I had never seen before rush to my car every afternoon and ask to see Maddie.
She has the same success with our veterinarian.  We decided to switch vet after the first one told me she didn't have all her shots and wasn't de wormed. I left his office telling him that you had told us  she was and I would trust you over him ( I made the mistake to go to the Banfield clinic which is attached to pet smart... never again)..
 I then decided to take her to Fort Belvoir military clinic. The waiting list is longer but at least I knew I would have one of the best vet in the US. The  vet not only told me that she was totally up to date but had been de wormed and the products that had been used were the best on the market. My vet told me you obviously really care about your pets. Something I already knew after the first second I saw Maddie and how socialized and loving she was. Thank God we had communicated so often and I totally trusted you, otherwise she would have gotten a second set of shots she absolutely didn't need and it could have been fatal. This is why it is so important to build a trust with the breeder and it took me so long to find you.
Maddie is now a star at that clinic. The vet is totally in love with her. When we went back Tuesday, the vet recognized her right away . She asked me if she could take a picture of Maddie to put in the clinic. You should have seen her pose. Her vet thinks she is the most beautiful puppy. I agree. She is now 13 1/2 weeks and weighs 3 lbs.
Thank you thank you thank you for picking Maddie for us. She is my 8th dog but never I had such a loving dog and I always felt blessed to have wonderful pets but she is different. We truly adore her and even my husband who was so hesitant at first now takes her everywhere with him.
Please if anyone ever have hesitation to adopt a puppy from you, feel free to give them my number I will definitively reassure them. Already a couple of friends have asked me for your web site. Don't be surprise if you see an increase on your orders to Virginia.
Once again thank you for everything. I will keep you updated

Hi- I just wanted to send a note and let you know Abby's boy is doing great.  Thank You for our puppy. "Bear" is a bundle of joy!  He is such a good pup, and he is absolutely beautiful, everyone loves him. 
Thanks Again - Diane(5/26/2006)

HI, was looking through the web at poodle hairstyles and thought I would
check out your web site and see what's new. I see Missy/Layla was still your
main picture. How nice! Missy is doing just great!
She just had to have her baby teeth pulled 2weeks ago and she was spayed at
the same time. it was so sad to see her that week it hurt my hart. But she
is doing good and back to her old self, full of vim and vigor. She just
loves to play and run. Or she is setting with Mom or Dad depending on who is
home. She is adored by all the family and anyone she comes in contact with.
She got her hair cut yesterday she has anklets and is so cute. I wish I had
digital camera to send pictures. Maybe I can figure out a way with my camera
phone. Well thanks again for the love of my life.
Sincerely, Gail 
P.S. she now weighs 2lbs(6/29/2006)

Well, we've had Gabby AKA LGFun Black for a year now and I'd thought I'd send you an updated picture.  Gabby is so wonderful, she is very playful lovable able and had an all around even temperament.  She is very obedient and was easy to house train.  However, she does like to steel things and hide them in her bed. We call her he sock bandit -- do not leave your socks lying around because Gabby will take off with them among other things like paper, pens, pencils and of course all of my daughter Shanya's toys.  FYI Shanya is pronounced Shania like Shania Twain, no one can ever pronounce it correctly.  Anyway thanks so much for giving us a healthy puppy.
Thanks again and please feel free to use me as reference.
Pamela (7/9/2006)


Hi  No problem, it's been such a busy past couple of weeks! The pictures look great and she loves being at the top of the page - she's such a camera ham!
She is a perfect yorkie, can't say enough about her! She is starting to lose some of her baby teeth and weighs in now at 3 pounds at 5 months old! I have tons more pictures, I'll keep you updated periodically!

just a note to let you know that a year ago we got a Bichon from your
kennels her mothers name was cuddles , so we named her cuddles storm cloud
and call her stormy.  You talk about one spoiled little girl I won't leave
her home alone so I take her to work with me every day.  She has never been
alone for 1 day as she goes with me to my place of business which is a
flower shop.  All of my customers love her.  I had one customer who lost her
husband and was grieving and she held stormy and the pup comforted her in her
time of sorrow, she begged to have her I told her I couldn't stand being
without her and she comes and sees her. Stormy has regular visits to the vet
and anything she needs she gets.  My husband did not want a pet and this was
a mothers day present from my daughters, he and I had words the first day
and now this pup has brought us closer than ever.  We both love her so much
Stormy gets anything and everything. My daughters laugh and say I spend more
money on Stormy than I did them I just laugh and say she gets everything
when we are gone!!!!!  The whole family loves her and she stays by my side
all of the time, right now she is laying at my feet. I have had German
Shepard's that I trained, I even had a coy dog that took some time for her to
trust me but when she did I thought she was the smartest dog I ever had, but
I will say Stormy has all of them beat, she does all kinds of tricks, and
she loves to do things for you , she is full of surprises all the time.
Let's say she is just spoiled rotten, from all the toys we buy her and
different beds etc., but she prefers sleeping with us. She was potty trained
the first month we had her and now she actually comes and cries to let us
know that it's potty time.  By six months old most people thought she was a
more mature dog than a pup, as I said she is the smartest dog I ever had in
my life and we L O V E  her to death and you can be sure to know that you
pup got the best home she could have gotten.  Lots of people say they want
to come back in life as my dog I say you better be a Bichon cause that is
the only breed of dog I will ever have again. Thank you for the wonderful
pup you produced and I hope they are all like stormy.  God bless you and
your family.   Cecilia , Illinois(7/24/2006)


Thought you’d want an updated picture of Max to put next to the one on the website of how he has grown.  He has grown into such an adorable puppy dog!  He LOVES going on our pontoon boat with us and he runs at the sand bar with the big dogs!

Thanks again for a super sweet dog!  

-The Smiths-(7/27/2006)

Hi Dan,
It'll be two weeks tomorrow since we received Dandelion 1...now named Molly.  She has settled in so well, it's hard to imagine what it was like without her. 
We are working on her potty training...a couple of mistakes but I consider them mine for not watching for the signs that she needed to "go". 
She and Rosie play for hours at a time, then they both crash. At the moment they are both sacked out on Molly's bed.
I am attaching a couple of pics so you can see she is well and happy.
Elizabeth K(8-3-2006)

Hey, I'm sorry I haven't been in touch sooner.  It's been a busy, crazy
summer. Zoey and Prince are doing very good and are loving life.  They are
so full of energy and love.  I couldn't imagine life without them.
Actually my one kitty Mazie died at the end of May and having them here
has helped me through it because she was very special to me and it was
hard.  Well I hope all is going well your way.


Hi Debbie and Dan

You have been a great help in the past you and Dan both and we love gizmoe like another child we thank you sooo much for selling gizmoe too us and giving us such a wonderful dog to love and care for. whenever you get time email me back I also enjoyed showing gizmoe to you after she had grown. again thanks soo much for her and i would sure recommend anyone to buy there puppy from you. How are all the kids doing? you are wonderful to do all you do .Tell Dan and all your kids we said hi and gizmoe doing great. I will keep in contact.                Thanks again.  Lota of love Trina  and family.(8-2-2006)

hello! i will tell you right now that it is great that you came across their website. they are wonderful people and the whole experience was great. i have a little maltese girl puppy and she is everything i could have ever imagined. everything went smoothly, including the flight for my little girl.  it was the most fun thing ive ever done....picking her up at the airport.  they care so much about their puppies and we had to call and let them know that she was in just so they could be reassured that she arrived safely. i would reccommend them 100%. i would love to know what kind of puppies you are getting! i love dogs so much and i am so happy for you!! good luck and please let me know if you have more questions!


Lastly, I took Daisy to the groomer.  He commented on her beautiful coat and how cute and chubby she was.  I told him that I had gotten Daisy from a breeder in Iowa and he looked at me wide eyed and said, “really’………

 Daisy has been an absolute joy.  She was already paper trained when she came to us and has been very good.  Despite the shark like puppy teeth and the plethora of band-aids we wear, we are thrilled with Cuddles and Snuggles.  I would say, “Go for it”.

 I have many people come up to me and ask me where I got my beautiful dog and I refer them to Cuddles and Snuggles Place.  You really can’t go wrong……

Best wishes and blessings on you as you decide,

The Burchett Family (including Daisy)

Dear Stephanie,

My family and I purchased a Morkie the Reece's last spring.  We spent a long time looking for a quality pet, because they become part of our family.  My wife called Barbara and talked to her to make sure she was comfortable with them.  I also work in the Iowa Legislature, so I checked her out from that angle.

When we picked up our little Mack we found the house and facility to be clean and well cared for.  They were very nice and we could tell they do it the right way.  The facility is new and clean.  How many breeders do you know that take the time to pose the dogs?

 We are so pleased with our puppy.  He is alert, playful, and loyal, spoiled beyond belief and brings joy to our family everyday.  I had the same reservations with getting a dog in another part of the state, let alone you in California .  I would definitely recommend Debbie and Dan as a place to get your pet.  I could go on and on about our dog.  Just rest assure you will enjoy a pet from Cuddles and Snuggles Place.

Enjoy your pet as much as we do and I guarantee you will know you made the right decision.


 Cuddles and Snuggles is highly recommended. We have purchased a Shih Tzu back in October and we are very please. He was a happy and healthy puppy. You can tell that he was well taken care. Dan and Debbie keep contact with you from the beginning of your interest, she'll send you pictures and will keep contact until you have receive the dog. She makes the moving very easy.

If you do business with Cuddles and Snuggles  you will not be sorry.



I can understand your concern when purchasing a puppy or two from someone you do not know. I had a wonderful experience with Cuddles and Snuggles and there dogs and would gladly go to her again and refer her to anyone I know.

I purchased 2 Papi-cocker puppies from her last year. She was wonderful. She quickly responded to any questions I had. She sent updated pictures for my kids to see, even a short video of the puppies.

They take wonderful care of their animals. I drove to pick up the dogs and was very impressed. The puppies were inside with her. They were affectionate, not afraid of people and beginning the potty training process. Her paperwork is impeccable and she is very good with the animals.

I think you would be very pleased if you purchased your animals from Dan and Debbie and her family.

 Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions and I would be happy to respond.




Just wanted to let you know our little Morkie “Max” we got from you last month is doing wonderful!  He loves playing with our son and our German Sheppard.  They are all best friends! You can tell Max was well socialized before he came to us.    

    I just got a phone call from my parent’s neighbor.  She saw little Max when I went to visit them.  She thought he was so cute! She was inquiring about your kennel and how her mother would just love a new puppy.  I gave her your name and told her how happy we are with your kennel. Max is such a great addition to our family and we thank you for going above and beyond for our little puppy and our family!

The Smiths

Doug, Monica, and Tanner

From Iowa


Molly's first night was like not having a dog at all. We went to bed about 11pm. She slept in her basket next to my bed. And did not make a sound all night. Not until 5:30 this morning. I took her out side and she did her thing. Came back in and we played for awhile. Went back to bed and so did she. She is really getting along just fine. She has even gone to the patio door and asked to go out twice already this morning. I think that she is going to be easy to house brake. She is in my lap every chance she gets. She is a real sweetheart. Thank you again.

Catch you later.
Mr L.F.Peterson

Dear Dan
My name is Jennifer Farner and I purchased a girl maltese from you last Spring. Well I am proud to say that she turned one yesterday!! I thought this would be a good time to write to you and tell you thank you for everything.  Lily really is the best little dog. She is so friendly and has the attitude of a princess.  She now weighs 5lbs but trots around like she weighs 50lbs.  We also have an 11 year old yorkie, and we swear that she has brought him back to his youth! He was diagnosed with heart disease right around the time we got Lily,  and wasn't expected to live much longer. But the complete opposite has happen! They play together, lay together, and she worships him!! Lily really has made him a new dog and we couldn't be happier. Whenever I take her places people always have to stop and pet the cute little "puppy" (not a puppy anymore!). So thank you so much for our lovely little maltese. I couldn't have asked for anything more! I will attach a photo of Lily and our yorkie, Chewy.

Just wanted to send you a new picture of our little Joey.  He is so cute and has grown so much.  He is over 4 pounds now and loves to play with us.  He is just about 10 months old and just got a haircut today so his fur is a little whiter than usual. 
Thanks again for such a great little guy who fits right into our family.
Vic and Christine 

Hi Dan and Debbie---Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the puppy. We have named him Rocky and we have all fallen for him. He is such a sweet little guy!!!! He is catching onto the housetraining very well. I took him to the vet for his checkup and the vet said he had been very well taken care of.......Thank you so much....I'll send a picture soon!!!! 


Dear  Dan and Debbie,
    My husband and I want to thank you for all that you have done in giving
us the joy of having a new puppy.  I was very anxious at first of getting a
puppy because I have always considered myself a "cat " person.  But after
talking to you, my fears were put to rest.
     Once my husband and I decided to purchase a puppy, we chose your
kennels because of your good reputation and your love of dogs.
     When we came out for a visit to see the puppy we had seen online, which
is now our Mendi, you and Dan were very helpful. Dan even took us out to
meet Mendi's mom and dad. We were impressed with how clean and bright the
kennels were kept. There was no "messes" in the kennels and every dog was
friendly and happy to see us.  Another thing that impressed me was that Dan
knew all the dogs and called them by name.
     After we have gotten Mendi, I had some questions and concerns and
called you or came out to see you and you have been there for me. I want to
thank you for helping me get adjusted to being a "mom" to my precious Mendi.
I can now say that I am no longer a "cat" person but also a "dog" person.
     You also keep your dogs and puppies in very good health. After we got
Mendi we took her to the vet for her first check up and she was very
impressed in how well she was taken care of with her shots and her physical
     Because of your kindness, your love for dogs, and your willingness to
give of yourself, I will  highly recommend anyone who is looking for a good,
healthy and happy puppy to give you a call or to email you.
     Once again, thank you and God bless,
                                                           Terri (3/24/2006)


Hi Daniel and Debbie: Just to let you know Zoie did great on the trip home. She is already settled in and knows we are mommy and daddy. She is potting outside really good and if having allot of fun.
Thanks for everything
Mark and Marilyn
PS I will send you a picture soon (8/24/2006)
Dear Dan,
     Just wanted to update you on the pup I bought from you. We named her Miss Molly and she is adorable.. She is however larger than breed standard, last week she weighed 9.2 pounds, at 6 months...  How much do her parents weigh? I am sure you told me they were within the 4-8 pound range.  She was well socialized when she arrived, you all do a great job raising pups.. Thanks, Amy,   Lander, WY(8/29/2006)
I am just sending you guys a little note in regards to Diamond, the yorkie puppy I bought from you guys back in April. She is 6 and a half months now and is full of energy. Diamond has been such a joy to have and is like having a baby in the house.   She makes sure that she is included in everything that we do.
   The one thing I would like to thank you for most of all is beginning the crate training, the night we picked her up from the airport I was nervous that she would be up crying all night. I was wrong!! Diamond got in her crate that night and did not cry a bit and has not cried to this date.
   I like most people was skeptical of buying a puppy over the internet but I would recommend Debbie and Dan to anyone. They kept in close contact with me and sent pictures every week. They also were available at any time to answer questions or concerns that I might have had. When I got Diamond, and took her to the vet he told me that she was a well cared for puppy and could not be in any better health. 
If I should ever decide to purchase another puppy, this will be my first stop.
                                                                                       B'Nica 9/5/06
 Daniel: Thought you might like to see pictures of Zoie she will be 11 weeks tomorrow. She is doing very good. She is very smart everyday is a new adventure with her. Thanks allot for her.
Mark & Marilyn   9-12-2006
I am so happy with Abbagail and she is such a delight.  She is now 7 1/2 months old.  I had her spade and she is certainly my girl.  I am wondering about your toy poodles and an apricot female.  I am kind of thinking that Abbagail needs a sister so was thinking about a poodle or a shiz tzu.  I didn't see any available shiz tzu on your web site. 
I am sending a recent photo of Abbagail who is very spoiled and gets her own way most of the time.........thank you so much     
Sharon (10/6/2006)
Hi everyone all is well, we are pouring our front sidewalk and landscaping has begun. Boy what a work camp. Ha Ha. Here is a picture of our zoie she is 13 weeks and smart as a whip, plus allot of fun. Well everyone take care and have a good week.
Mark and Marilyn (10/1/2006)
Hey everyone! Here's Zoey's first time playing in the leaves! They get stuck in her hair and she thinks something is chasing her, it's hilarious! My sweet little baby!!
Jen(October 23rd.2006)
Debbie and Family
I just wanted to thank you for my adorable Lola.  I came two weeks ago today out to Iowa from Michigan to pick her up and have been in love ever since.  The nine hour drive back didn't seem to phase her, and she quickly adjusted to me as her caretaker. She gets along amazingly well with our older beagle, and spends every night cuddling on my pillow.
She has been to the vet, and got a great bill of health.
I have attached a picture of her from about a week ago (one of her ears has begun to stand alert since yesterday).
She's getting used to the cold weather, and loves her little jacket...she's also become a huge baseball fan, and hasn't missed a post season game yet! (GO TIGERS)
Thanks again, and I will send pics as she grows into her pap form!
Katie(October 22nd. 2006)

Hi Debbie and Family

I just wanted to thank you again. I decided on Foxy as her name ...she looks like a little fox. I took her to the vet yesterday and she got a clean bill of health (all the girls in the office fell in love with her). She is so sweet.

Thanks, hope all is great with you !
Gina(October 17th 2006)

Well the puppy is awesome. He has fit in perfectly with the other 2, and they play non-stop. He sleeps in bed with us and only has to be let out once during the night so far. He actually goes to sleep better than the other 2. They are more interested in what he is doing. I took him to the vet today for the 12 week shot. Our vet was impressed with your paperwork and thought you must really be on the ball.  We named him Kip and the name fits him perfect. He weighed 1lb 11oz  today so he is just going to be tiny. Well I will keep you updated and thanks again.
Staci and Dana(October 20th, 2006)
Hi there! She is so perfect, she's weighing in now at three pounds at nine months - so is just a tiny one still! I see there are lots of little yorkie babies on your website - they are so adorable!! Maybe someday we'll get her a little friend to run around with, wouldn't want her to get jealous though, but would be nice for her to have another yorkie to play with!!
We did get her spayed two months ago, took her to a wonderful vet who does laser surgery. She did really well, healed up in no time. They had to pull four of her baby teeth and that seemed to be more painful to her then her belly. She was a trooper and of course I had to take the next day off work to be with her and to make sure she was okay! I'm just glad that is all over with now and she's healthy!
We'll keep in touch, thanks!
Jenny(October 25th 2006)
I wanted to send you an update on Foxy. She is doing really well, we have enrolled in a puppy kindergarten class and she loves it. She is such a doll, she is everything that I wanted and more. I can't take her anywhere without people falling in love with her.
Thanks again and I hope you have a great holiday season.

Hey how is it going we are well, We have named, well Tom named our pup
Z/28 after the Camaro but we call him Z. Z is doing well we have had some
accidents but he is getting better. He is so snuggly and loves to play. We
love him so much thank you for letting us adopt him. We are now known as Mom
and Dad according to Toms Mom and she now calls herself grandma you may have
her down to see you in a few months hehehe. Well just thought I would give
you an update.

 Debbie and Girls
We can't thank you enough for these two wonderful puppies. They are perfect. These are some pictures at your place at our house and also their first vet appointment. They have excellent health. They are already 100% potty trained to the wee pads in the bathroom. They love to walk outside and play in the leaves. They are well socialized - love people and attention. Their personalities are really coming out now and are quite different. Mindy has turned out to be the shy one so we are working more with her to make sure she is comfortable in different surroundings.
You do an awesome job with breeding wonderful puppies and then getting them socialized and ready to go to their new homes.
I will keep in touch and never hesitate using me for a reference. I sing your praises.
Thank you again,
Just a note to let you know I visited your website, I get a little puppy hungry around the holidays.  Just wanted to check you out.  I see you have updated your site, It looks very nice.
You asked for a picture of your abby a long time ago, I took this in august I think, and it is an outdoor shot with natural light.  I always like natural light better.
We love her to pieces....  She follows me wherever "I" go, so she is my dog.  She is the queen in charge of our house, or so she thinks, and we let her think that.   :o)(11/16/2006)

Hi Daniel and Debbie
    I just wanted to drop a line to let you know Madison is doing well, her ears are filling in and she is less timid. 
    She bonded fast and great to her "stepbrother" Jack.  He really helped to get her out of her timid shell.  She watched how friendly and eager to approach he was and copied.  I had to do very little formal training with her because she just watched and learned from the older pup.  She very easily learned her basic obedience, house training, heal on a leash, she even rings a bell to go outside. 
    She is a sturdy pup, at 7 months she weighs between 9-10 pounds.  I think "Miss Molly" is her sister, are they both from the same litter of Dandelion??  
    I am enclosing some pictures for you of Madison growing.  She is very happy, healthy and very loved.
    Debi (12-9-2006)
I just wanted to let you know that our new Yorkie is doing great!  My mom bought a female from you and I bought a male.  We have named him Dreson.  He's doing  well, other than he hates to go outside to use the restroom, so he goes part of the time on a potty mat...well, and other places at times. :) It's just been too cold!  I was just wondering what kind of shampoo you use to wash the pups? 
Jack is doing very well.  We are enjoying him tremendously!  He is a nice addition to our family.  He certainly rules the roost even with the "big dog" (a hundred pound lab).  He seems to think that he is equally as big.  He steals bones, eats and drinks from the labs dish while pushing the big dog out of the way.  It is quite entertaining to watch him hang from Tucker's ears and lips!  
We noticed you still have the brother dog.  I am working on my husband for the other one:)  His response was "If we have one pooping on the floor we might as well make it two!"  He may come around!  Jack actually is doing fairly well with training; however, would you want to "go" outside in the Wisconsin winter? 
Have a great day!(12-7-2006)
Thinking of you all this Christmas and wanted to let you know that Nate and Luke are doing great.  To refresh your memory,  Luke is the papillon that got so sick last Christmas and Dan was so generous and flew out here to Maryland to save him and bring us his brother (Nate).  We later got him back after a couple of weeks when he was strong enough.
We will forever remember your kindness and we can't even image life without either of them.  They would be lost without each other.  They are both seven pounds of healthy energy.  We are still keeping up with obedience classes which they both love and may venture soon into agility training. 
They are a great addition to our family.  Keep up the good work and have a Merry Christmas.
Rebecca (12-24-2006)
Hi Dan and Debbie

 This is the best picture I have of Molly right now. It was taken in September so she's not quite a year old. She's off visiting two of her favorite canine pals while my husband is working in the Keys. (The house is really empty with her gone!)  I will snap a few more current pictures of her when she gets back on Monday. 

She sure has brought a lot of fun and laughter to our lives!  What a delightful, smart pet she has turned out to be.  A little bigger than we hoped for, so we can't fly with her but she's in the car with us every chance she gets.  One day I'll put all of her travel adventures in a book form ... who knows maybe she'll be famous!
All the best,

Hello Debbie and Dan...
Just wanted to drop you aline and let you know Sugar Boy(now named Peco) is happy and healthy and full of energy. He is the master of our household. He loves the kids and is handsome as can be. We have had no health problems of any kind. He will turn 1 year old this month.
I appreciate how proffesional and loving you people are with your puppies. I can tell that you treat them as if they were your own children.
I was so impressed with the whole experience that yesterday my niece Jamie drove to Iowa and purchased a Malese girl from you.Whenever the kids and I would visit her she was always commenting how handsome and well behaved our puppy was.
I would strongly recommend Cuddles and Snuggles kennel. I would not send my niece to you if I did'nt think you were an exceptional kennel.
Just thought you would like to see some pictures of my little girl.  Her name is Rory and I love her she is such a good puppy.  She is doing very well with trainning and is getting along famously at my house.
Thanks again for the best puppy ever!!!

Hi Debbie, well the 2 brothers had their first vet appt. yesterday and got a clean bill of health.They got their distemper shot and weigh in at around 7 pounds.My sister had been in Fl last week so we had both.They loved being with each other all week,although it was a hand full for us.Dealing over the Internet can be risky at times.However you evidently run a professional and honest business.Thank you for letting us acquire Tucker, we love him.John Ferrucci(2/21/07)